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Sunday, August 9, 2001
After a couple of months of computer problems, a virus, and a number of other things, I've finally been able to update the site. I have created a new look which is a lot cleaner than the previous one and a bit more snazzy. Tomorrow I'll put up Character Trivia for Homer and add some links.

On another note, I have hundreds of
Quotes in my inbox and get more everyday, so for those that have sent me quotes, don't expect to see them posted anytime soon or maybe  at all. I'll try to figure out someting to do with them, but until then, please don't send any more quotes.

But on to good news! Tom from
The Simpsons Trivia Castle, has re-started USTML, a Simpsons trivia mailing list. If you're into trivia, this is something you should check out. Click the button below to get the details. I'll keep you informed as thngs get under way.

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