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Welcome to Homes 4 Pets!
Dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership.
Welcome to the Homes 4 Pets website!
We are dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership (which includes
spaying or neutering your pet(s)), responsible and ethical breeding, and the adoption of homeless pets, as the pet overpopulation is staggering.
Homes 4 Pets is a pro-animal welfare website. We do not commend the animal rights movement. Please note that we do not associate ourselves with the radical animal rights movement!
For reliable information on the differences between animal rights and animal welfare, please see the
National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) website.
Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your stop at our website!
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Animals in Distress, 24 hour animal rescue
Animals in Distress, 24 hour animal rescue
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*Updated: 3-23-04
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Spaying and Neutering Your Pet (Also, Gelding Your Horse)
Congrats to Finn, Angie, and the entire caring crew at LL!
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With Easter right around the corner, please take a look at our "Rabbit Information and Links" page.
Remember! Rabbits take time, money, and lots and lots of patience from their owners.
Do your homework before buying your child an "Easter Bunny."