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About us

We are here to assist you in most any area of agriculture. If we don't know the answer, we'll research it for you and provide you with the basics and information on where you can search further.

We also depend on advertisers and major sponsors to keep our services operating. If your company is interested in advertising or sponsoring, or you know of one who is, please contact Kim, and you will be put in touch with one of our sales reps.


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Heritage Poultry

  Our Policy

Cheyenne Stock & Seed Co. prefers the practice of sustainable farming and organic farming. Also working with the environment, not against it. We do not condone the practices of  factory farming, the cutting of rainforests or woods, interfering with the environment, including wildlife or any abuse or mistreatment of farm animals. We will not, knowingly, assist with any of these practices



Our Other Workshops & Programs
Non Program Related

To give "non farmers" and students a flavor of the "simple life", when starting breakfast meant a trip to the hen house, craft work meant a much needed new rug for the house, and keep alive and well the traditions of yesterday. Learn an early painting technique, what an heirloom garden is, even the simple...but time consuming chore of making a taper candle. We will offer a variety of workshops, lectures and demonstrations to introduce you to an almost lost way of life. Or, take one of our tours and learn from others in the world of agriculture and the arts. It is our aim to give visitors the information they are looking for or the fun they crave. Workshops and classes such as these may have fees to help with other program costs, as they are not directly related to our free services.


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