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Q: Are Services Really Free?

A: Some are and some are not. Most special programs we do charge for, would be, for example, workshops.

Q: Do you make our contacts for us?

A: It depends. We may make initial contacts for you, to see what the other party's needs are and if they match yours.

Q: Do you make or finalize deals?

A: Definitely NOT! Any deals, sales, and the like are entirely up to you. We make no deals or sales.

Q: Is the chat room available at any time?

A: No. Sorry, but just for the specified dates, only.

Q: Will web casts be free?

A: Yes, they will be.

Q: Is this program for the USA only?

A: No! This is an international service.

Q: Are the message boards available to use at any time?

A: Yes. Feel free to use it at any time.


Q: Can I place ANY ad in the classifieds?

A: No! The classifieds are for agriculture related ads only! Others will be deleted.

Q: I would like to become a sponsor. What do I do?

A: Great! That's what will keep this service going. Just e-mail for more information.

Q: What are your limitations?

A: Please read "Our Policy" and "Disclaimer" for that information

Q: Do we get answers to questions instantly?

A: Sorry, but no. We'll answer as soon as we can, but we may have do do a bit of research first.


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