Homeless Memorial Home Page

Homeless Memorial Home Page

Updated on March 24/2008

An Artwork by Paul Raff and David Warne

"Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it."

George Santayana

This page is dedicated to the memory of homeless people who have died homeless. Inadequate housing is not just a political problem, it is a human tragedy. It is a struggle which many people are suffering through right now. This can change. Positive change must begin with understanding. This page is intended to be a step in that direction. Please contribute your comments, names, photos, stories, and information to our feedback form.

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Please go here for an important note about TDRC. They urgently need your help. Look near the bottom of the page. Thanks, guys.

During the 1930's Depression, street sign language developed as a form of communication. The symbol shown here stood for unsafe place.

unsafe place

People Who Died Homeless

sleeping bag

I have since written two new poems about homeless deaths. You can read them here.

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Thank you for caring.

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