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March 28 2003 - Half Past Ten At Night

Well, that is it. CL is closed. *insert relatively sad smiley here* Not news to most of you but anyway.. the question is, will the community still function? I really can't say. I haven't been much a part of it.. anyway whatever happens I will still try and keep this site. *wink*

March 18 2003 - Around Half Past One In The Morning

Background done for Rainbowtopia room but nothing else on that done. New page up where you can enter to win an award. Guestbook redone. A couple of new links. Enjoy ;)

12th March 2003 - Midnight

Site makeover. Expect to see, in the future, a new room worked on by myself, drifter_bub and er_128. This will contain a bunch of normal objects, but with different classifiers, and will all be tinted rainbow. In the meantime you can browse what's here already

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