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This Page Is To Muh Boyz
1st to muh husband Mikey. I hope tha we can work shit out cause u know i love you. I really care bout you! Im always hea for you u know that. I've been through mad shit in the past few years n im tired of all the drama so jus tell me shit str8 up please. n i'll be str8 up wit you. i haven't been this happy n a really long time. Nigga u got my heart. im not going anywhere!

2nd to muh boy Punn. Nigga you've helped the get through a lot of shit. It was mostly caused muh yo boy, but its all good. If i need advice on something your the nigga i go to. You helped me get ova ya boy. You also helped me realize that i can do a hell of a lot betta i didn't need all tha drama. Thanks

3rd to muh boy Jonathan. We've had our times! Your the one tha tought me how to love. And i thank you for tha. I thank u for the time we spent together and for all we hav been through. You are one of the reason I am the person I am today.

Ight Big ups to muh niggas J., Chad, Carlos de Leon, Nivi, Rob, Camo, Eric, Nick, Carlos, Josh, Richie, Joel, Leo, Manny, Casper, Jason, Jorge, Danny, Luis, Abiel, Burrito, and Victor.

If i forgot you let me know n i'll add you dont' trip!

Yo I wanna give a big ass shout out to Luis Matthew, muh lil brother, baby boy i love you i'm always here for you no matter what.