This page is just for muh girlz
To Muh Boyz
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Muh Girlz Come 1st!

1st of all to muh girl Amy, ma we've been tight for a min now. I'm always here for you no matter what. We have been through a lot of shit over the years! Good luck wit James, ya'll are a madd cute couple... n i betta be invited to the wedding! lov ya sis!

2nd to muh girl Fouzia, yo chika we've been tight since we first met back n the day! We've been through hella shit with hella people! But we get through it. I always got yo back no matta wha. Yo ma keep Rajiv n check yo cause if he hurts you imma beat his ass! But yo i bess be going to the wedding! Yo we got soo many inside jokes it aint' even funny! I luv ya like a sis girl.

3rd to muh girl Summer... We are soo much alike its skury! We've had our drama but it's all good! Drama sucks big fat dick! But whateva! but yo i got yo back 4 life mama!
4th to muh girl Nancy...You a madd coo chika u like a sis to me muahz. Good Luck wit Chris! Ya'll are crazy! Don't get pregent or imma be Chris's ass n then afta you hav the baby imma kick yo ass! lmao! Stay Good, n Stay sweet!

Big ups to muh Lil Sister Jamie... i love you baby girl i'm always here for you no matter what.

Ight Big Ups To Muh Girls: Joanna, Jackie, Sami, n if i forgot you muh bad jus let me know n i'll add you one !

P.S. ya'll muh girls i got mad love for you all are like a sister to me, be safe, use protection, kno i always got yo back no mattaz wha. 1 luv muahz!