This florist is a"Plant fan"
in more ways than one!
Hi and welcome to my
The Honeydrippers:
Robert Plant (vocals)
Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Brian Setzer (guitars)
Paul Schaffer (keyboards)
Tony Thompson (drums)
The Drippers song's
included, Sea Of Love,Little By Little
Young Boy Blues,Rocking At Midnight
I Got A Woman, I Get A Thrill
Hello, my online friends know me as honeydrippers and most call me honey, with the exception of one individuale who insists on calling me...um..'drippy'
lol, I guess i will let her slide for the time being,*grin*
Heres a bit about me to who may be interested.
I am 40 years young, recently divorced after a marriage of 13 years, no children.."waa" and now living on my own for the first time.
At times its a bit scary financially, but putting that aside I am looking forward to my new found freedom in life. I would like to give alot of credit to my online friends with whom I have chatted with for my quick recovery in "self love" Thanks yall! So ya see, the internet can be a useful tool at times! I have met many wonderful people out here in cybersville, *grin*
Being born with a creative nature I quickly took to flowers and began working with them partime at the age of 13 as a water girl, "lol" in my uncles store.
2 and ahalf years ago I opened my 'own' florist with my best friend and now partner..Ginger...
Yep love dancing *teeheehee
To those who really know me, this will come as no surprise, I kinda like birds, teeheehee, as I have 7 of them. :-)
Dont do near enough of this
but when I do, I love it!
Have been known to bowl a turkey
after a pitcher of beer, 'lol'
Ginger has an African grey that I love
as my own so ya may as well add
that one to the flock also, lol
However, the
love of them all
is my Jardine's Parrot,
Jardy :-)
Even tho most of the time he has a Rambo attitude and by nature wants to practise his art of body piercing on me & always when I'm really not in the mood, and yes even when he is going thru
PMS (pre moulting syndrome) lmao. He has managed to capture my heart .
I love nascar!
It was Davy Allison, then I went to Ernie Irvan, and I also like Mark Martin.
Yes an ol Ernhardt too!
I also love to watch professional boxing, and ice hockey.
How ever, Im not just a bird enthusiast, as I love all animals, all walks of life and all forms of beauty and nature. I also have Fred, the cat and Otis a Rottweiler. I had to leave them with my ex for now :-(
I really enjoy the outdoors,doing most anything that can bring me in touch with the beauty of nature. *smile*
I am a capricorn and my sign is the earth sign. hmm that all ties in rather well, dont you think? teeheehee
Rockin_ at_ Midnight's page
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Zeppelin Sound Bytes
Sea Of Love
Robert Plant sounds
Honeydrippers Vol 1 Review
The softer side of Honey
Who knows, maybe next time I go to the
sea of love, I'll come back and drop a driplet. *grin*
Pics of Honey
I woke up and had one of these
the other morning, thanks to seadog!
a 'lil' dipper?
A 'lil' dripper?
A rock-et?
Well I didnt know I was gonna end up
collecting farm animals,
on this page, lol
**This looks like
Puff Daddy's baby :-)
a rocker?
This woman is a genius!
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My chat friends
I thought my foney friends
would appreciate this one!