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Name: Looi Hong Aun À×·á°² (aka The Heartbreak Kid, HBK for short)
Age: 17 years old this year
Date of Birth: 26 of October 1984
Place of origin: Malaysia
Current Height: 168 cm
Weight: erm...about 55 kg
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Reading, playing computer games, watching anime, listening to music and collecting stickers.
Past school records: Four A's in UPSR in 1996, 7 A's (full) in PMR in 1999...now its time for SPM!!!!
Past schools: S.R.Keb Sungai Marong. Currently in Sek. Men. Sulaiman.
Ambition: Computer Programmer (learning C language now but very slowly)
Girlfriend: Refuse to comment...you will know if u browse through my site :-)
Icq no: 20371111

Other info about me.....

     Well, here, I'll to elaborate as much as I can about myself. I'm been taking piano lessons (the primary wasn't so fruitful, as I was soooooo lazy! :p) since.......19xx, hehe forgot already, I am grade 6 this year, I think I'll be taking my grade 7 exams next year (maybe not), I juz luv music!
     In sports and games, I'll like to play table tennis and a good game of chess. It helps to relax my mind. I also like computer games too. I prefer RPG and strategy games than the all popular fighting games like Street Fighter and King Of Fighters. I played Final Fantasy 5-7, and its kewl! RPG games is quite limited for the computer, as I don't have a PS. Also, I like to play Warcraft, Caesar 3, Heroes of Might and Magic series and Total Annihilation. Played Final Fantasy 8, Slave Zero, Soldier of Fortune and Unreal. Metal Gear Solid is also a good game (only it's a bit...well, I'll say HARD). I might make a guide for it if I have the time. Anyway I tried to use Netscape 6 to load this page...it din't work out. Can anyone help me????



28/2/01. Some minor changes. Female friends, some links and some MOFFATTS PICTURES!!!!!!!

27/11/00. Major input of picture galleries!!!!!!!!!

1/8/2000. You can see what stuff I put in!

23/3/2000. Yahoo!!!! Put in some midi background...and updated my homepage. When my exams are over, you can be sure that I'll put in a picture gallery.

24/10/1999. Finally revamped my site. PHEW!!!!!!

5/3/1999: Took out some broken links.

31/1/1999: Had to take out the midi because of some problems. I hope my guests don't mind the extraction of the midi.

21/1/1999: Fix some midi problem. Added more pages inside. Hopefully no problem.

17/1/1999: Put up this home page.

Well, for now, you can depart to various terminals available.

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King of Fighters 97 Guide-Please enjoy yourself with the txt version. This txt guide is not written by me!! Please give your views and anything you want to say to the author. Do not e-mail me about this.

Final Fantasy 7 guide-Another cool guide. Probably the best I found on the net!

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