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Email of January 31, 2000:

"Barry, I used to fly Great Horned Owls in California. I had to fly in the early a.m. or late p.m. or overcast days. I also flew on full moons with Indian eagle bells. Prey species was mostly jack rabbits, she would take pheasant on a good slip, as well as egrets and some duck. The duck were incidental slips from working creek banks for jacks.. If you're serious about training owls you have to take an eyass and you have to be prepared for a long training period. You'll need to spend a considerable amount of effort to acquire genuine live prey species for "set ups" the more species they're exposed to the better your future hunting will be. If you're interested contact me with questions and I'll be glad to share my experiences in flying these magnificent birds. BTW you will need the heaviest gauntlet and arm coverage past your elbow. You think red tails hit the fist hard LOL you haven't seen anything. 

Morgan Pictured With His Hunting GHO

Tatoo: "I've never done well with males."

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