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Welcome to my web page! My name is Julie and I am married to Jim.
We have four children between the two of us ranging from
22 years to 6 years old. What a spread! It certainly keeps us busy!

I am a housewife that is obsessed with cross stitching, sewing,
and of course, working on the computer. I have to keep my
hands busy! My husband is a diesel mechanic and also does heavy
construction. He keeps busy, too! Another one of my passions,
is the USMC.(Being a new Marine Mom..lol) Click here
to see my son's Graduation from Boot Camp!

We have a kennel and raise English Pointers and Labrador Retrievers
for Field Trials and for hunting. We live in beautiful Northwest
Arkansas on eight acres in the hills near Table Rock Lake.

I want to encourage you to come and visit my site often, as the photos
are always changing. Please sign my guestbook and if you need
to contact me, E-mail me with any updates, or just to say, "Hi".
Thanks for visiting!

My friend, Rita, had this made for me!

My family!

Our Family!

Woman of the Year, WWAUS
I am truly honored and blessed, to have this award!
Thank you WWAUS!

Site of the Week Site of the Week

I am so excited about these! Thank you, WWAUS!

Proud Marine Mom!

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