Without this division this ship would have difficulty in getting in or out of any port or in doing any operating at all.  In the Navy of today it is essential that ships be able to get to a trouble spot in a very short period of time.  Therefore it is imperative that ships have good and effective communications.   Many times these messages are received by radio-teletype as well as CW circuits and voice communications, all of which is operated by radiomen.  In the time of war security is of the utmost importance, it is at this time that the signalman become the key to communications. It is also at this time that the Quartermasters are very important.    In peace or war the work of radiomen, quartermasters, and signalmen is never done for it is upon them that we depend on the What, Where, When and How Many that is so essential to the operation of the ships of the fleet.

Back Row Mobley, SN Long, SN Sthelik, SN Larson, SN Tauvi,RM1 Boyd, RM1
middle row Dean, YNC Thompson, YN3 Howe, RMSN   Carter,RM1 Chevier RM2  
Front row Mullin SM2 Cortez YN2 Sartin RM3 Stutsman,PC1 Brown, YN1