ASW Division

The primary mission of a destroyer is the waging of ANTISUBMARINE WARFARE. For this reason the HOPEWELL has on board the latest in sonar equipment. These men man the gear which can seek out a submarine, direct a ship towards the submarine and fire underwater weapons at the enemy submarine that has been found. Sonarman can be seen performing various tasks about the ship, but they are most often associated with watch-standing and working in the dark little room called the shack. For twenty-four hours a day underway the search goes on, until the word goes to the bridge, SONAR CONTACT-POSSIBLE SUBMARINE, WHAM the ship goes to 1ASW. It is at this  time that the ship begins to appreciate the people of the ASW DIVISION, for it is now that every man's life could depend on that little ping and the accuracy of the men that man the torpedo mount, the hedgehogs and the depth charge racks.

Phillips, SOG2 Colbert, SN Gilbreath, SOG3 Allen, SA Holland, TM3
Anderson, SOG2 Edwards, TMI Franklin, SOG3 Snow, SOGSN

Left to right top to bottom; Missing: Root, SOG2 Oole, SOG3; Berrey, SOGSN; Wade, SN