This Division is made up of the gunners mates and firecontrolmen.  These are the people that make the ship the effective weapon that it is in the deterrents of war.  Today we are using more complicated weapons and therefore need a much more intricate system of firecontrol.  It is no longer a case of an iron cannon, a black ball and some black power; instead it is made of various sizes and types of guns and weapons.  In this the Atomic Age it is necessary to be able to deliver the right weapon, at the right time, and at the right place. Therefore it is necessary to have qualified personnel to man the means of delivery and well trained men to enable the ship to hit the correct target.

Back Row Albert, SN Hess, SN Otterbeck, FTASN Kast, SN Williams, FT3 Krieger, GM1 Stiles, FT1
Front Row Mercer, FT3 Graham, FT2

Mincella, SN

Calloni, SN   Bryson, GM2
Missing Applegate, FTSN Burger, GM1 Christian, FT2 Dubetski, GM1 Dunlap, GM3 Fotenot, GM3 Fraley, SN
Guthridge, SN Sabjak, FTSN Schiess, GMsn Varner, SN Woods, GMSN Garrett, SN