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Searching for Historical Truth
Discover the Bible's origin, investigate apocryphal books, and learn about historically verified biblical events.

Ancient Biblical Mysteries Resolved
Unsolved biblical issues finally brought to light and what they reveal.

Prophecy and the End Times
Is The End close? When will Jesus come again? These questions answered and much more.

Astronomical Photo Gallery
Startling images of the cosmos that declare the existance of an awesome Creator.

Apologetics and Science
Amazing new discoveries that support Divine Design and display the power of God.

The Latest News
The Bible Codes: Are they a hoax or are they a real hidden message from God? Can they objectively be determined to be prophetical?.

Young Earth/Old Earth Controversy: Is the universe 15 billion years old or 6000 years old? What proof do we have either way? Exactly what is the Big Bang?

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