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This page  contains the details to date regarding the Hornery/Honnery Family Gathering, being held in June 2001,
and the Feedback of the day itself, with a link to view the address given on the day and the Tour on the Sunday

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YEAR 2001
June  2001
Hornery/Honnery Family Gathering
Saturday, 9th June 2001
Starting at 9am
$4 per adult
By Friday 4th May
St Peter's Anglican Church Education Centre
380 Windsor Street, Richmond
ANYONE related to or interested in the Hornery/Honnery Surname
Meet "Other" Hornery's and Honnery's (Previously thought to be unrelated)
Visit Church and Cemetery
Picnic Lunch in the Grounds
"Significant Sites" Tour proposed for Sunday (Including visiting Land Grant Sites) 
Hornery/Honnery Photo Gallery
Historic Photos of Richmond and Windsor Area
Family Tree Flow Charts
Hornery/Honnery Family Research File
Map of Relevant Hornery/Honnery Historic Sites

Well the big day has come and gone and I am still in one piece!!!!!
The Gathering was a great success!!!!
WOW!! would be the word that comes to mind first.
Many people commented on the day, how wonderful it all was and I agree. To see so many people in the room from different parts of Australia with the one thing in common was mind blowing. It was touching to see families re-united after many years, and new friendships begin on the day. People were exchanging phone numbers and addresses with the promise of further contact. The expressions on peoples faces, when on Sunday we walked on the sites of the original Land Grants of Peter and John was indescribable.
These were the things that made the Gathering a success for me and all the hard work worth it.


We were scheduled to begin setting up at 8am, however we all met (unexpectedly) at McDonalds in Richmond, over breakfast. Lucky we did as half of our set up crew were planning on heading in the wrong direction!!!!
John met us at the Hall at St Peter's to open up and see we had what we needed for the day. We then began frantically setting up the hall and sticking Flow Charts up on the wall. We set up the chairs and tables first and were half way through putting up the Flow Charts when our first eager relatives began arriving (exactly at 9am)!! It was hectic there for about half an hour with us greeting new arrivals, finding their coloured name tags, presenting them with their attendance certificates  and still trying to stick up displays (lucky some didn't mind pitching in and setting up some of the displays for me!!). Those relatives that brought their own displays hung them up, or set up on a table and the day began!! Of the 100 or so people who attended, most seemed to be there between 10.30am and 3.30pm, so the Hall seemed quite full of Hornery/Honnery Relatives for most of the day.
The main aim was to meet other Hornery/Honnery relatives and discuss our common ancestors and that was well and truly happening. I hated to ask people to quieten down to welcome them. My welcome address is
HERE if you would like to read it.
After a short welcome from me (which began later than scheduled as I lost track of the time with all the setting up and greeting people), a simple "getting to know your rellies" activity, and my BIG announcement of the new research that had come to light in time for the Gathering, it was time to get on with the business of meeting each other and talking, talking, talking (obviously something the Hornery/Honnery Family has no problem with!!).
People kept themselves (and myself) busy for the rest of the morning with questions about and observations of the Information we had displayed. It was a most productive session. I finally made it to the kitchen for my first cup of tea for the day at around 11.30am. When I emerged, the hall was empty (my first thought was that everyone had gone home????), but as the weather was so beautiful, people had moved outside to enjoy the sun and eat their lunch in groups.
We re-convened at about 2.30pm to discuss the future of the Hornery/Honnery Family and some outcomes were presented for people to think about and comment on using the Evaluation Sheets. I gave a brief run down on the History of St Peter's and it's significance to our family. The Church was opened up for people to have a look and some wandered over to the Cemetery as well. We started packing up about 4.30pm and were finished by 5pm (now why does the packing up always take less time than the setting up??)
We had proposed an improptu dinner at the North Richmond Sporting Club for those that were staying overnight and about 30 people turned up for dinner at 6.30pm. It was nice to chat over a meal in a relaxed atmosphere, and continue the great feel of the day into the night.
The Significant SItes Tour on Sunday began for some at 8am with the morning service at St Peter's and for others at about 9.30am in the carpark. Our guide for the day had taken ill, so I was very grateful to find a willing substitute at short notice. We started the Tour a little late, but it was a relaxed activity and so we went with the flow and enjoyed the beautiful weather that Richmond turned on for us once again.  We started out with 9 cars and some left us during the morning, but after doing the full circle from Richmond, to Kurrajong, to Wilberforce, and back to Windsor, the 7 car loads left all said goodbye in the Cemetery of St Matthew's at Windsor at about 2.30pm (with comments about not wanting to be the last out etc!!!) Some decided to have lunch in the Park across the road, whilst some decided to start out on their way home.
So that was it.....the first combined Hornery/Honnery Family Gathering was over and I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself. I unfortunately did not get to speak to everyone that was there on Saturday, but it was great to put some faces to the names and voices on the phone that I had come to know in the ten months it took to put this momentous event together. I look forward to our Regional Gathering in 2002 and can't wait for the Reunion in 2003, to meet more of our Hornery/Honnery Relations


It is hard to determine exact numbers as many people didn't sign the Registration Form.
From the Forms and Name Tags left over and written out on the spot. I can only estimate the attendance at about 100 people. This was a good number for the size of the hall and for trying to meet everyone.
Everyone felt that Regional Gatherings next year was a great idea and we have at least two suggested venues already.
Of course EVERYONE will be back in 2003, so Martha's 200 year anniversary is looking to be bigger and better.
The suggestion of a plaque in the cemetery was thought to be a great idea and we are working on costing that at the moment.


We received some Evaluation Forms with some good ideas for future reunions. Some of the ideas suggested were:

* A catered lunch
* Picnic lunch was fine
* One day is enough
* Two days would be better to get to meet everyone
* Each Family nominates a representative to speak about the History of their particular branch of the Family
* Collating the Family's medical history to help with the identification of genetically passed on conditions
* Photocopier available for the use of everybody
We will take all these suggestions into consideration when we start planning for 2003. Thank you to those who filled out the form or made verbal or email suggestions.


I did thank people on the day, but would like to publically acknowledge the assistance I received from many people in the lead up to and on the weekend itself:

* Andrew and Micheal Hornery - for their support and encouragement and for allowing me so much time to work on the project.
* Tony Hornery - for his support and encouragement and the work he did on Flow Charts for the day, which were a major source of information. Also for the loan of his computer to display the Draft Database.
* Luke, Suzanne and Tyler Hornery - for helping with the cleaning and packing up at the end of the day, the job was done so quickly and efficiently and spontaneously. I can't thank them enough.
* Robert Tozer - for his expertise with the digital camera and for taking photos on the day as well as scanning the photos and certificates people brought with them on the day.
* Margaret Mayne - for her efforts to follow up on photos of the family to add to the CD.
* John Honnery - for chasing up relatives that no longer have the surname Hornery or Honnery and for helping with the setting and packing up on Saturday.
* Carol Roberts - for putting together the Significant Sites Tour. The thorough job she did was evident when, because of ill health, she was unable to lead us, her directions were such that we were able to continue with the tour with a Stand In Guide.
* Gerard Edwards - for becoming the Stand In Guide on the Significant Sites Tour at such short notice, and for doing such an excellent job.
* Dave Edwards - for taking care of the Publicity for the day and for future Reunions.
* Lester and Pat Hornery - for driving around those without transport on Saturday Night and Sunday.
* Alison, Rachel and Patrick O'Grady who cared for Micheal throughout the day, this freed myself and Andrew up to mix with others on Saturday.
* Pete Brown - for his research at the PRO in England which turned up the details of Peter Omery's Trial.
* Brian Swann - for his research at the Hampshire RO and at Alton and Binstead. His efforts have brought us closer to knowing what Martha's life may have been like before she was Transported.
* Peter Stewart and Michael Mina, for answering my many queries about Reunion Organisation in general.
* John Fipps - for answering all my questions about the venue (before I had seen it) and for providing the Map of the Cemetery for Saturday.
* Reverand Terry - for the use of the fantastic facilities at St Peter's and for making us all feel very welcome in his Parish.
* Michelle Nichols - for providing the Historical Photos of the Richmond and Windsor area for our Display on Saturday.
* And of course to all those who attended the Gathering, without you all, it would not have been the great success it turned out to be. I look forward to our Regional Gathering in 2002 and our big Reunion in 2003.
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