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This page contains all the Interesting Odds and Ends I discover about the Hornery/Honnery Family, that do not seem to fit on another page.

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This page is for all the Interesting Odds and Ends I discover that do not seem to fit on any other page. Some may be only here a short time until I find other things in commoin to create a new page, some may be here permanently.
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Edward Hornery (later known as Honnery), was a Hotel Proprietor and Race Horse Owner/Trainer in the Narrabri and Warialda Districts. His most famous Horse was called "Murlowan". It won many races including a Rockhampton Cup; an Armidale Cup and the first Inverell Cup.
"Murlowan" Poem and Photo
Now listen to my story and I think you all will own.
The best horse on the northern line was that chestnut horse Murlowan;
Whwn he won the Cup at Inverell with 9.9 on his back,
And casey in the saddle, he ran a record for the track;
The race was seven Furlongs, he ran 27 and a-half;
When the barrier rose he jumped out in front, and I heard Ted Honory laugh;
He said to Jimmy Lawler, he has not done his dash,
He'll hold this field as safe as a church, and sure to take out the cash.
He beat the guns in Queensland likewise in New South Wales;
He keeps long stall on Casey while he walks to the scales.
To give this horse's performances, I cannot tell you here;
But just look up the sporting guide, and you'll see Murlowan's career.
When they took him to Warialda the public gave a smile,
They said this is a jackey for Murlowan in this mile;
When he left the paddock the public gave a cheer,
But little did they think that race would end Murlowan's career.
Lexy--she jumped out in front--that's Callacher's little brown,
But when they turned their heads for home the poor old horse broke down;
Mat Ridley rode the winner, Sol Ridley Murlowan,
Sol say's to-day had the old horse stood he'd have won it on his own,
But now he's back in Narrabri, and treated like a toff,
He gets a bed and three meals a day although he's pensioned off;
His proud and lofty carriage will be missed on many a track,
He will never win another Cup with Casey on his back.
The Poem below about Edward Honnery's horse Murlowan, was given to me by Edward's grandson, John Honnery, it is not known who it was written by. I have typed it below exactly as it was passed on to me, spelling and punctuation as is.
Photo of the Collarendabri Cup (Spelt as is on the Cup).
The Cup is currently in the possession of a Great Grandaughter of Edward.
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