Deerhaven Farm

This is our website for family and friends to share the beauty of our farm, our trails and our animals. The fawn pictured at the top was stashed in our barn by her mother, for safety. She returned a few hours later to get her. Deerhaven Farm has earned the name well.

Juniper pass

Our trails took two full years to build. The first step was when our friends arrived with their bush hog and cut out the perimeter trail. The next year they returned to do a figure 8 through the center of the property. Every day that there was no snow on the ground, work was done on the raw surface... cutting all the stubble down to ground level or below, removing trees, filling ruts and holes with sand, and cutting back the brush on the sides.

Willow and Ivy

Willow and Ivy were both featured on the Daily Puppy, on the adult dog pages. Included on their page are some of the photos used by the Daily Puppy.

Major with a chickadee(click for large photo)

On the horses pages you will find photos of Major, Ballybay and Cricket - the three horses we own. Major is a quarterhorse standardbred cross and is used for trail riding. Ballybay is a thoroughbred who is used for dressage and trail. Both Bally and Major camp with me. Cricket is a Canadian mare. She was used to pull our buggy and cutter.

Deerhaven Lilies

On the glass pages you will find examples of my glass - all original patterns except the Tiffany Reproduction Lamps.

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