English 11 and English 12 will be the course of study during the 2006-2007 school year.  English 11 will encompass American Literature; English 12 includes Short Story composition and Mythology. In addition to teaching grammar, vocabulary and literature, technology has been integrated  into my curriculum. At the end of the year, my goal is to have each and every student walk away with a portfolio that includes two power-point presentations and resume.






independentREADING: Students will also be responsible for reading two independent books and submitting two book projects per semester. Students will also submit two projects on Non-Fiction.


vocaBULARY: Students will also be taught high-level vocabulary to improve their vernacular.


wriTING: Students will write regularly. Assignments will include summaries, compare/contrast, a research    

               paper, evaluations, persuasive essays, and creative writing.


GrammarREVIEW: Parts of speech                  Sentence Parts/Patterns

                             Phrases Clauses                 Sentence errors

                             Verb usage (tense, mood)   Parallel Structure

                             Pronoun/Antecedent           Agreement of Subject/Verb Modifier usage

MechANICS: Students will review: Capitalization, Abbreviation, Punctuation and spelling. Students will be

                    introduced to the MLA format for research papers.

SpeaKING: Students will give at least one speech per semester.

ListeNING: Students will write a short critique of each speech.



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