Elaine Reynolds and Cimarron Rustler
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Welcome to the website of Elaine Reynolds. Here you will find information about some of my favorite dogs.

Susie Q

Some of Susie's pups:


Nielsen's Kebia
Catch a Falling Star
Elwell's Taffy

Susie playing with her pups by Red Bank Shooter
Shooter x Susie Q Pedigree

Cimarron Sweetheart of the Rodeo, Susie's daughter.
Darlin, Susie's daughter.
Boomer Sooner, Susie's son.
Man in Black, Susie's son.

Dever's Star Susie's Granddaughter

Blacksheep Suzi Susie's Granddaughter

Some of susie's pups and grandpups

Susie Q's Other relatives:

Doug Johnson's Tillie, Susie's mom.
Joan Crews Sali, Susie's littermate.
Kaminski's Hope Susie's half sister and Rusty's half sister.
Butcher's Augtu, Susie's double cousin.
Dalby's Laddie and Tallulah Susie's Half Brother and double cousin.
Cimarron Cherokee daughter of Dalby's Laddie and Tallulah.
Egertsen's Copperfield, son of Dalby's Laddie and Tallulah.

Cimarron Rustler

Rusty's AWFA page

Some of Rusty's pups:

Toren's Cimarron Red Rooster
Rooster's AWFA page
Rooster, his mom, Cimarron Cherokee, and littermates

Cimarron Whiskey Riverout of Susie Q
Cimarron Whiskey River's AWFA page
More of Whiskey's littermates out of Susie by Rusty

Articles I wrote

The Pros and Cons of Inbreeding

Articles courtesy of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
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copyright the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

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English Shepherd Gathering July 2003

Partlow's dogs


Mick Phillips Joker
Pratt's Pongo
Josey Whales
Cimarron Dalby MacClintock

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