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Well, the site has been up and running for several years.  I am very pleased with the response so far. 

The guestbook is going very well and it is a lot of fun reading all the entries, but, it has become very time consuming to flip through all the pages if you are looking for someone in particular.   Reading the guestbook entries are definately worth it, but if you are just looking for someone in particular check out our new "
Class List Page".  I have sorted everyone who has signed the guestbook by their class year with an email link on their names.

BUT, I really need some new pictures to post on the site.  I only have 4 yearbooks to choose from and it really doesn't cover many of the years.  I would love for people either to email me pictures or mail them to me and I will return them to you right away.  Please email me for my address.

Items might include:  upcoming reunion information, stories, photos, etc.  I have two photo sections now that I am looking for more photos for.  They are "Then and Now" and "Do You Remember?" 
Class of 1998 - 10 Year Reunion

Class of 1983 - 25 Year Reunion

More Info On Class of 83 Upcoming Reunion

There is a Facebook Group for the Old Horton School and for Horton High School


"Class List Page"
Horton's 50 Year Reunion - August 13 - 16, 2009