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Welcome to HoSs's HaVeN.

This page will be going through many updates in the near future. It has been over 4 years since I have last edited it and I would like to get back into writing HTML. This page was made from scratch. The new look will also. Thank You.
Welcome to my new homepage! I designed this page with the slower computers in mind. I didn't include any Javascript and I left out frames also. And when you go to other pages on this page they will load rather quickly. You'll see why. Here is a run down of what you will find on my site:

Home: This page of course!

Thanks: Where I thank everyone I know and love.

Chat: This used to be a page of back doors to Geocities Chat. Yahoo! has since bought out Geocities so this page will have information for Yahoo! Chat in the near future.

Photos: Pictures, People, and of course HoSs.

Bio: This is my biography.

Email: Click to Email me.

Links: My links and places all around the web.

HTML Writer: A free service provided by HoSs3138 to create web pages for people.

Sign: Sign my guestbook..it's rude to visit and not let me know.

View: View what others have written in the guestbook.

HomeTown: A link to my hometown's webpage.

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