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1) The Mystery:  Christ Jesus (I Tim. 3:16)
2) Easter Morning:  a study requested by "Subarayadu"; these verses center
primarily around the first moments of our Lord Jesus' hanging on that cross and
the initial reactions to His resurrection, on the morning after.
3) The Gospel at a Glance
4) The Name (of Jesus)
5) Had Jesus Not Come
6) Mustard Seed Faith:  The Psychology of Jesus
7) Fasting: Beware of the Traditions of Men
8) Melchisedec
9) Science in the Bible:  Relative to Eschatology
10) Jesus:  His nationality & complexion
11) Who Is Jesus, Page 1
12) Temptation, Sin, & Conviction
13) Demons:  What are they?
14) The Gospel:  Are we "overselling" it?
15) Heaven:  Which way?  How do we get there?
16) The Holy Trinity:  Hoax, Hocus pocus, or Holy Smoke?
17) Genealogy of Jesus
18) The Bible verses the Koran
19) End of the World:  Why did Jesus not know?    
Since the re-establishment of the nation of Israel as an international entity and enclave of
the Jews, in 1948, there has been a rash other advances in technology and archaeology
in America and around the world that serve as confirmation of the Word of God,
underscoring the many way-markers or “
leading Bible indicators” which in turn point
to t
he soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ, coming for His church, and to the
commencement of the time of horror known in theological circles as the Great
Tribulation.  In light of the mess of the evangelicals, fundamentalists, the pentacostals
(who dominate the televised airwaves in America, and apparently, internationally), it is
imperative that the truth, untainted and twisted by the denominations (including
catholics, jehovah’s witnesses and mormons, etc.), be made available to all who thirst
and seek thereafter.  
If you would like to be apart of this small but great and
growing work on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ—to make ready a people
prepared for His coming—you may do so in any of several ways

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God bless you.