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The purpose of this website is to explore the roots and musical evolution of difficult-to-classify Atlanta-Athens, indie/prog/grunge/metal/emo/rock band called Jet by Day. Of special interest on this website are the individuals who have been such an important part of the band's early development and success.

Armed with flyers, pictures, set lists, rare tapes, and a story, I "decided" (read: "got bored enough") to create a simple, intuitive web site wherein the visitor could learn a little about how the band got its start. The cartoony interface at the top of this page is intentional: the band was formed out of three high school friends who didn't take anything too seriously and always had a sense of humor about them. Anyway, without further ado, I am very pleased to introduce "The Hosstages Era: Jet by Day's Early Years." I hope you enjoy it!


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