The Hotchkiss Family Association
          James A. Hotchkiss, President                    Joan A. Johnson, Genelogist Pro. Tem.

           Lin Meeker, Cors. Secratary                 Donald L. Hotchkiss Jr., Genealogist Military Srv.
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                                         DeWolfe Hotchkiss, Coat of Arms Chairman
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About the Hotchkiss Family Association
     The objects of the Hotchkiss Family Association are to perpetuate the memory of the founders of the Hotchkiss Family in America and so bring into social fellowship all of the descendants, whether by the original name, or through marriage, and to prepare and keep current a genealogical library of all members for historical purpose and for the reference of future generations. All persons descended from Samuel & Elizabeth (Cleverly) Hotchkiss are members, whether or not they are on the mailing list. You who are on the mailing list are the interested and informed kin. To remain on the mailing list just send a donation and/or keep in touch by letter, post card, send information, so we know you are interested and not just throwing away the newsletter.

     The HFA does not have a dues structure. We depend on you to keep the Association running by making a donation that suits your budget and/or interest in what we are doing. None of your donations are channeled toward the publication of our genealogies. This is all funded by the bequest of the late Cowdell sisters, Nellie and Ruth.

    Send your genealogies to Joan Johnson at . Whatever part you do not want published, highlight or note in some other way. That data will be put into our records only. PLEASE - NO NICKNAMES OR INITALS. Give your full name (like Alouisious Aristotle Hotchkiss - called Lou) or if you use your middle name underline it.

    Our late genealogist, Mrs. Fred Hotchkiss Nixon (Shirley), passed on to join the eternal genealogists mid year 2002. Please contact Joan Johnson relative to genealogical/family questions. Her records relating to the Hotchkiss Family have been willed to the association, thus to Joan as her successor.