I was in Dreamscape, VZ, and Pride through 2000.  Then I was gone until March 7, 2003, when I made an appearance in VZones' Second Kingdom as a blue cat... I hope that I can be a little more 'laid back' in my approach to things this time around.  I love to game and have some hosting experience.  Terry>^^<Gale
(Below) Aravis, Caspian, and HotX in DS (March 2000)
Polite cats offer  to SHARE their food with other creatures (even if only before eating the creature)...                                             >>>>>>>
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I've also played RW bingo with Aravis and Caspian, hehe...
(Above) Me wearing rented AW Pixels
Terry (Blue), HotCrossBuns (Purple) in Pride and Dreamscape
While in Korean Glass Cities, I tried my hand at hosting a team multiplication game called
4 In A Row...
Despite limited resources for turf building, we had a lot of fun...