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This page has moved to http://hotdeath.inanutshell.us/ Please visit it to see the latest version of this website.

  Hot Death UNO is an UNO add-on/variant that incorporates some of your favorite House Rules with 27 extra cards that allow you to remove players from the game, draw up to 69 cards at once, have them display their cards for all to see, and more! Favorites include Mystery Draw, Harvester of Sorrows, and Mutual Assured Destruction. Follow the links and find out more about the game!

How To Play How to play Hot Death UNO (Includes full rules for the Original UNO).

Download the game Hot Death UNO has a Free Windows Version! Go here to find out more about the program, it's creators, and download it.

Get the Cards The Hot Death UNO cards have been spiffed up quite a bit since their conception. Go here to get the latest version of the cards in a printer-friendly format!

Custom Cards A few people that have found interest in my cards have asked for their own unique cards. Here you will find the results. Note, some of them are only available if you turn off the Family Filter due to language, more than content.

Family Filter What you see on this site is not just the original Hot Death UNO. Not only have the original graphics been completely redone, but you now have the option of using family-friendly names on some of the cards. The default on this website is to view the family friendly cards. If you wish to view the newly redone versions of the orignal cards click here and set your preferences. The FF cards are intended for use by those that might have children run by and would be uncomfortable using cards with bad language.

HDU ListServ! Begun in November of 2001, a group of HDU fans have come together and formed an email ListServ at the instigation of another fan, "
Home | How To Play | Download the game | View the Cards | Custom Cards | Family Filter