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     First let us take this valuable opportunity to give all of our Praise and Thanksgiving to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, from whom all things have been made possible.

     We are living in such a technologically advanced society, that we seem to take for granted the very simplest of things in life.  However, let each and every one of us be sure that we take time to give our Lord
Jesus Christ every part of our lives.
          Please allow me to take this moment to give a very brief "THANK YOU" to some very special people in my life, that will make creating this website a true joy and sucess in my life.  The first is Jesus Christ.  The Second is my future wife, Kimberly and lastly but certainly not least are my future in-laws Lee and Nancy Jaques.  Their continuing faith in the Ministry has been a true blessing and inspiration to the way that Christians should truly conduct themselves.

      This site is for your use to find a wide variety of helps ranging from Christ, spirituality, Salvation, marriage, lifestyles, youth, teens, bible study, family helps, teachings, ministry links.  Have a wonderful time at this site and remember to place
Jesus Christ first in your life.  Jesus is the reason we are even here.  Give God the glory.
Site Owned by:

Greg A. Hyatt
Tremont City Ohio

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      Something that I never dreamed of....My first award that I applied for
and actually received.  Thank you Jesus....I look forward to receiving more.