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Important! Since Yahoo took over the Webring system, nothing works properly, members are angry, and I can not maintain this webring anymore.

Meaning, this Webring is here, working and will so remain but will not be updated or maintained. Please do not send me technical questions, Yahoo do not reply to the questions I have sent them...

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The Diet Webring

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Welcome to the Diet Web-Ring

This webring is devoted to linking pages of dieters together in order to make it easier for the visitor to find homepages of other people in the same situation, or to find inspiration or diet buddies.
If you have a diet-webpage or a non-commercial site about weight-loss, dieting, overweight, eating disorders, a diet journal or a page about similar topics, you are welcome to join this ring. Note: Commercial sites are NOT accepted and will NOT be added to the webring!!
Sites promoting or selling "health-products" will simply be removed from the queue without notice.

Why no commercial sites??
Because I'm rather sick of all attempts to squeeze money out of me while I was overweight. Please don't listen to those who try to sell you shortcuts to a thinner life, or mail spammers trying to promote their expensive useless stuff. You don't need to spend money! All you have to do is make your mind up and change your eating habits! I know! - I have lost 50 pounds/23 kg in 8 months, now weighing 60 kg/132 pounds without those "health-products" (and I haven't been exercising myself to death either) So don't listen to all the jerks trying to convince you those pills are needed! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!)

How to join the Diet Webring

  • Submit your site to the ring.
  • Add the Ring Graphics and links to your page. (you will recieve pre-configured HTML to just copy and paste into your page) Important! The Diet Ring graphics and links must be on the URL you have submitted as a member page.
  • Mail the RingMrs and tell her your page is ready to join the ring.
  • Do a couple of situps while you are waiting for the RingMrs to add you to the ring.. ;-)
  • But one more thing, the webring graphics must remain on your site, if you remove the webring logo and links from a page accepted as a member page, your site will be deleted from the webring and sent back to the queue. It will remain in the queue for a limited time only. This is because we are supposed to help each other out here; visitors should be able to find the next site in the ring after they found yours. Removing the webring graphic after joining the ring is indicates that you think: "I got my hits from the ring, I don care if you get any traffic..." and we don't want that kind of members here.
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    If you are already a ring-member you can edit your personal info here.

These are the Ring Graphics:

If you join The Diet Ring you will get the pre-configured HTML-code mailed to you. (You may change the ring graphics and fonts to match your site better, but please don't remove any of the links.)

The Diet Webring
This The Diet Webring site
is owned by The Diet Webring.
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