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My name is Shiv; I am a surgeon. My work involves gastro-enterology,  endoscopy, and laparoscopic surgery - which is otherwise called keyhole surgery. I am also a general surgeon.  I have received so many messages from people with gall  stone disease that I have  revamped the whole section on Gall Bladder Stones.  For those who are interested there is a pictorial tour of a laparoscopic operation to remove the gall bladder. 

In my work I sometimes have to answer the same questions over and over again for every patient I see with some common problem. So I wrote out FAQs about some common problems that people consult me about. I have included links here to FAQs about Gallstones, Piles, How to lose weight, and, for people who ask me,  How to return to India from abroad and settle down. 

I live in Bangalore, which used to be famous only for gardens, arthritic retired people and Bangalore torpedoes until the city suddenly decided to expand and become the hub of Information technology in India. I love science, but my two major passions are military aircraft and . . what else . . computers, of course. I also have a whole web page devoted to military Action Video Clips.

The medical school I graduated from, and where I was taught how to surge :-) is JIPMER, in Pondicherry - a town on the south-east coast of India where I have left part of my heart. 

I have kept adding stuff since I first created this site in December 1997, but no one would know, so I have added a "What's new?" section and icon for those people who do check out my site every now and again