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Under the general supervision of the Ambulance Service Director and in accordance with State of Wisconsin and Sparta Area Ambulance Service, Ltd. standards, policies, and procedures, performs the following tasks:

I. Performs ambulance service duties within the scope of knowledge and training.

  • Provides prompt, safe transportation of the sick, injured, and infirm as requested.
  • Renders first aid, performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), takes blood pressures and vital signs, administers oxygen, and accomplishes extrication and litter transportation in accordance with State of Wisconsin EMT license.
  • Drives the ambulance as required.

II. Assists in recording accurate data, regarding observations of patient's illness/injury and treatment rendered, on the prescribed forms.

  • State of Wisconsin Standard Ambulance Trip Report.
  • Sparta Area Ambulance Service, Ltd. Field Report.
  • Any other necessary forms.

III. Assists in maintaining adequate inventory and replacement of ambulance supplies and equipment.

  • Restocks any/all medical supplies as used.
  • Replaces oxygen tanks, and other ambulance equipment as required.

IV. Assists with the servicing and cleaning of the ambulance, equipment, and garage.

V. Takes call on a regular basis.

VI. Perform all other duties as assigned.