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Who are we?

Why is Human Nebulae distro around? Because I believe that if more people felt a little less alone the world would be a better place. I want every beautiful freak out there, those who aren't from big towns, I want every small town kid with a internet connection to know that there's this world here. There's this world out there. That this is life outside of where you are. I want them to know that they're not alone. That there are thousands of others who go through the same things they do, who think radical thoughts. Who like music that not everyone likes, music that isn't played on mtv. I want the beautiful freaks to know that if they want to change the world, they're not alone.

Human Nebulae Distro is a not profit zine and DIY project distro run out of a small town called Wappapello in Southeast Missouri. Closed minded, racist, uneducated hick capital of the world. And even here, we exist. And we're growing.