**Miscellaneous Pictures**
This is me and my parents at an 18th century re-enactment (in someone else's camp, lol). No, that is not a sabre I'm holding, it's a turkey feather fan.  ~Spring 2001~
This is me and a family friend at the front door of the Hermitage (home of former president Andrew Jackson).     ~April 2002~
they're MINE, you can't have them!
This is a wildlife reserve called Cades Cove. I live about 20 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains...I'm rather proud of this picture...that's why it's so big *grin*     ~November 2002~
sigh...I was trying to get one of the goats in the picture, but she moved...
This was outside our place one morning, the fog was soooo thick I had to get a picture.....and yes, that's our field, and our goats..    ~October 2002~
A bunch of us girls at the Happy Valley Christmas Banquet ~December 2002~
This was my younger niece's idea of a watergun fight last year. Sorry about the mess, we were painting the milk stand. ~Summer 2002~