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And Then The Eagle Soars
a novel
By Sky Warnke
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Tory was happy with her life as a popular fiction writer. A trip to St. Louis, however, turned her world up side down. She had never thought of herself as sexy until she meets up with an old flame. He unwittingly released the sexual being Tory didn’t know lived within. Back in New York, Tory literally slams into a darker world. A man with a violent and deadly past, driven by twisted desires that his money won't let him hide from. Passion, possession, deviance and a search for personal fulfillment bring about a collision that shatters lives. Even moving to Santa Fe doesn’t bring the safety Tory seeks. Tory quickly discovers that new friends can actually be old acquaintances and a voice from the past brings guidance. Could the voice of someone who passed over years ago be real? Not much is making sense anymore. When Tory disappears, the police run out of clues and then the eagle soars!

My name is Sky Warnke and I'm a freelance writer. I currently write for several local magazines. In the past I have worked as a weekly columnist for an international Web-zine for over 3 years, did music reviews for a regional magazine and even published my own small specialty paper. I am also a lyricist and have had several songs recorded. A bit about me personally: I’m 47 and a single mom of four. I have a daughter in college and one in high school and twin sons in third grade. They are truly the light of my life. I also work out of my home as a therapist, but I have to confess that writing is and always has been my first passion and I have been moving full-time in that direction. All good things, Sky Warnke

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Do things from your past trip you as you walk through life?

Healing Guidance of Colorado Springs can help you clear your path so you can move forward to be the positive productive person you KNOW you can be.

Long Distance Readings Available

People say healing and letting go is a hard thing to do.

We know better...Let us help

Are any of these situations holding you back ?

Abuse when you were a child ?

Low self esteem ?

Unable to let go of a toxic person or influence ?

These are but a few of the issues that can prevent you
from achieving your full potential.

Healing Guidance of Colorado Springs

SOAR with the freedom of Self Discovery !

.... The only thing set in Stone is change ....

The question is whether or not
you want to be an active participant in the process ?


"Fear will not hold me back. 

It is my divine right to live in joy." 
Author Unknown

Rev. Sky Warnke, DD, CCHT

Sky is a Shaman/Kahuna/Kupua qualified both on paper and in the university of life
to help and teach you how to help yourself, with a variety of spiritual methods.

Skyis also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist helping people quit smoking,
lose weight, and free themselves from a variety of things
that might be holding them back.

Her studies have included Huna, as well as energy work, and Native American paths
to name a few.

She is clairvoyant/clairsentience and works with angels, spirit guides and communications through the higher self. Sky channels both deep and light trance states.

Her experience ranges from psychic house readings and soul retrievals,
to “ghost” clearings and cord cutting. She can help you with vision quests, spirit guides,
power animals, angels and more.. Sky is proficient in many areas of energy work.
and also does readings and healings. She has taught classes ( see Schedule )
in Huna, energy work, and other topics, for approximately 11 years.

Sky is also a trained and certified Field Traumatologist.

 Available – Private or Group - General Readings

Past Life Readings and Regressions

Spirit/Angel Communications - Hypnotherapy

Energy Healings - House Blessings - Ghost Clearings

Totem Animal Readings - Marriage Ceremonies

And Other Tools Of Shamancraft

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Let Me, Help you ... Help yourself



Healing Guidance of Colorado Springs| ANUH Community
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