Mika  &  Mischief
The newest additions  to the Lepak Clan

Hi, my name is Mika and I am 2 years old.  I have a slight tendency to nip, but as I get confidence in my new mommy, I am doing that less and less.  I am a sable, but sort of lighter in color.  I have spent my life living in a big cage, but now I am allowed out to play with my new sister and brother.  I still go back to my cage to sleep, I guess it's a security blanket.

Do you think I look good in yellow?  I'm Mischief and the name suits me to a "T". I'm taking lessons from Rocki, hee hee.  4 years old I am and a sable also, but my fur is darker than my sisters. We are having a ball here in our new home.  Lots of new toys, freedom and best of all our new mommy showers us with sooooo much love. Yum!  Yum!

We heard that our new Daddy will be here soon and we are so very excited.  Mommy says he will love us as much as she does.  Is that possible?

This is a photo of our old home.  It was really big and we had lots of toys and ramps to run around in, but what we really wanted was someone to hold us, play with us and let us out of here. We know we were loved and well fed, but our past owners just didn't have the time to give us what we needed.  They did the right thing by trying to find a ferret lover to take care of us..  We know they were really excited when our new Mommy just picked us both right up and snuggled with us. It was love at first sight for all of us.  It didn't matter that I, Mika, am a nipper, Mommy held me and when I grabbed on, she didn't yell or hit me, she just talked to me and helped me open my mouth by putting her finger in the side. She was so sweet and loving that I don't even think about nipping her anymore.  Don't know about other people as yet, we will see.  Mommy didn't take us home that night, she said she had to think about it. We were so worried, we wanted to go with her so badly.  Whoopee!!  She called the next morning and said, "Yes!  Bring them over, I want them and we need each other"  Now here are a few more photos of us.


Mischief playing
"Pop goes the weasel"

Mika checking out Silveretta

Thanks Mommy for making this wonderful page of us. We like to show off as much as you do about your family of little ones.