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The Ferrets with Frequent Flyer Miles
We are the Puerto Rican ferrets, who recently flew through the air and landed in Brandon, Florida.  Many of you may wonder how you can travel with your pets.  We are evidence that it can be done.  It just takes some planning, time, will power and lots of love.  We must give some "dooks" to Delta Airlines as they were the only ones who would allow us to fly with our Mommy inside the cabin.  Yeah Delta!  The Ferret Friendly Airlines.
Once we arrived at out "ferret friendly" hotel, we settled in and made our selves at home as you can plainly see.  Mom got the local newspaper so we could read all about where we were living, but I was just too tired to do anything but sleep.  And check out Silveretta!  Talk about being relaxed!!!  She is something else!
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Rocki, alias Rocki-roodle
Silveretta, alias retta-roo
Another very important piece of information about us.  We both have adrenal tumors.  We lost our brother Skippy when he had surgery and Mom decided because of where we lived, (no ferret vets) and our ages, she would do Lupron 2000mcg 4 month depot shots.  That was in January 2000 and we still are doing just fine.  Keep your fingers crossed because we don't want to go under the knife.
We hope you enjoy your visit.  There are lots of pages that are linked to the beating heart ferrets on the left.  Just remember some important facts.  A pet, no matter if ferret, dog, cat or whatever is a long commitment.  Care for him and love him and in return you will receive the greatest gift of love and devotion.
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I've been told I should update this opening page, since it is almost 2 years old.  But the information regarding traveling with your ferrets, I feel is very important.   There will be updates in the future, I promise you
I did change the name though. For those of you that don't know, huron is Spanish for ferret.  Hurona female ferret.  But the first time I wrote it, I accidently added an extra "n" and so I have been
known as
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