April 19, 1994-May 19, 2001
Sometimes we know not why
and all we can do is cry......
But mostly what I think they want is
To remember their love when they walked

by my friend Jeanne
Rocki was my lap ferret, my watch ferret my little everything ferret. Conceived in my house while ferret sitting his parents, I saw him when he was only an hour old.  He became the ruler of the house. After living in Puerto Rico most of his life, he flew with me to Florida to begin a new phase.  Unfortunately, as he got older disease began to ravish his little body.  He made it to his 7th birthday, but soon after the cancer spread rapidly to his liver, pancreas and spleen.  Rocki is now with his other brothers and sisters who controlled our lives before him. 
Treats!  Treats!  I will stand up and beg for my treats. I will follow you anywhere for another little goody. If anyone is wondering, his treats were the inside of dog's Bonz. He loved them and would come a running when he heard the container rattle.
Rocki's favorite buddette was Silveretta.  She came to live with him when she was only 5 weeks old.  They could always be found wrapped around each other.  At the end, she cared for him as a mother would a child, as seen in this photo.