The Hurricanes Wiffle®Ball Club.

Brothers Chris, Rob and Kevin Cotter with Joe Gaddy.

News & Notes

Winter 2003  Schedule/Results

2/02 Gary's Army  W 1-0 1-0
2/09 Royals  W 7-1 2-0
2/16 Balls Deep  W 17-2 3-0
2/23 No Game  BYE -
3/02 Mad Dogs  L 4-3 3-1
3/09 The WWE  W 7-6 4-1
3/16 Outlaws  W 9-0 5-1
3/23 at Gary's Army  W 4-0 6-1
3/30 at Outlaws  W 22-1 7-1
4/06 at Balls Deep  W 7-1 8-1
4/13 Playoffs  TBA -

DJ Cotter At The Mike

Canes fan Dylan Cotter helps with the broadcast of a Hurricanes game at Hockey Town.

Congrats Mad Dogs! NEWA Champs

Hats off to the Mt. Vernon Mad Dogs for their 1st NEWA Championship. Hockey Town has made an impact in recent NEWA events and now boasts 3 of the top 10 ranked teams with #4 Balls Deep, #5 Hurricanes and #8 Mad Dogs. HT teams have now won the last 2 NEWA events with the Canes victory of last seasons Warwick tourney. With 2 teams in the Final Four and the #1 team from HT not even there it's safe to say there is talent on the 2nd floor on Rt. 1 in Saugus.

Canes Sign Watson for NEWA

The Hurricanes unsure of their roster for the upcoming NEWA event April 26th, have signed HT's Glen Watson. Watson will give the Canes the deepest pitching staff in the game and a potent bat to an already powerful lineup. "If you can't beat 'em, get 'em on your team!"

Canes Hit With Injury Bug

After losing Gaddy for the last half of the season last year the Canes continue to be hit with injuries. With Kevin being lost with a torn rotator cuff Rob made his 1st appearance in a month.

Rocket Update

Hampered by a slow recovery Rocket has hired renowned German physical therapist Natasha Feelsgoodenoff. She's got him on a rigorous workout routine and is looking for a late season return in a couple of weeks.

New For '03: Commish's Corner

Check here for Sal's twisted comments. Sure to be a unique weekly read. Still waiting Sal.

2003 Rankings! Week 5 Ticker

The Dogs knock off the Canes. The Eagles keep rolling while the Royals have found black background magic. Could strength of schedule shakeup the top of the Rankings?

Long Road to Travel: 3,222 miles

From CT to RI and across MA it's been
a lot of miles and some long days.

Where The Hurricanes Rank:

NEWA:         5th

USPPBA:       3rd in New England 13th overall

WBRANKS:   11th

Canes Season Review

2002 Tournament Record: 34-12

Wiffleball in the here