New Games for a New System!

Hi, welcome to our new web site! This is the ultimate site for fans of Mattel's HyperScan 32-Bit Game Console! We are dedicated to the latest reviews and game release info. Our site was launched as a way to accelerate game development for this wonderful game console!

We have tried to contact Mattel for information regarding the development kits for this powerful Game Console for the past year (and they have ignored us). Shortly, we hope to provide a way for new programmers to write new games for the system (now, through reverse engineering). For those of you not familiar, this game console was launched late last year as an affordable alternative system to the Wii and PS3. Its simple 32-Bit architecture and low cost CD-ROM format, should make it easy for new games to be released for the system. We've also added a developer section on hardware specs for homebrew developers. We've also just upgraded our Forums.

To date, 5 games have been released for the game console. The X-Men and Spiderman games are probably the best available currently. We are hoping to bring new games soon, so take a look a what we are working on!

What is the HyperScan?

Launched for the Christmas season of 2006, the Mattel HyperScan is a Game Console powered by a 32-Bit RISC CPU. It is quite a powerful 2D game system -- we don't believe the system employs a 3D card, but we will know a lot more if Mattel begins offering Development Kits and Documentation. The HyperScan console was the first ever to use RFID for game saves (using additional trading cards).

Here are some links for additional info:
Official HyperScan Site