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This is HAN SUNG-YUP's Homepage.

Bits and Pieces

You might find something interesting here. You can find the Korean version of Kurt Vonnegut FAQ here, and I recently put a link to a story by my 8-year-old nephew.

KUMA Outdated

What has become of the people of the KU Music Appreciation Center? I recently added the newsletters written by Yu Hang-Suk (Korean).

The Niemand Page

This page includes the classic (and misleading) debate of Chung Suk-Hwan and Kwon Soon-Gi (Korean). And check out The Best of Niemand Movies


Links to the hompages of my friends and my family.

Guest Book

It's a very lousy-looking guest book page, because it seems GeoCities won't let me put up my own CGI programs. Well, what do you expect from a free homepage provider? :) Come on and leave your message.

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Believe it or not, I'm an Oracle Certified Professional! I uploaded some study material for those who are praparing for the OCP - Oracle7 Database Administrator Track.

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