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Bala's Download Zone

In these section, I have listed some of the applications designed and developed by me, under the name JMaster Solutions. This applications are written for PC and Mobile - based technologies. Hope you enjoy the trial editions, please do send me your comments or bugs to i5bala@yahoo.com

J2SE: Utilities

:: JZapper 1.0

JZapper, is a Java based compressing and decompressing tool. It uses compression and decompression methods, provided by java util package. It was tested on Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP, Mac OS X operating systems. It provides a simple to use User Interface. It requires jsdk 1.4 or later.

[download: jzapper | size: 329 kb]

JZapper in action

JZapper Splash Screen:

JZapper - Zipping in action:

JZapper - UnZipping in action:

JZapper About Screen:

:: JScreenSpy 1.0

JScreenSpy, is a Java based spyware allows to capture the screen at regular interval. It runs in hidden mode and automatically closes at the specified time. It helps you to track, how your system has been used when you have gone out. It requires jsdk 1.4 or later. Tested on Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP operating systems.

[download: to be released | size: 417kb]

JScreenSpy in action

JScreenSpy Main Window:

JScreenSpy About Screen:

J2ME: MIDlets

:: Joker 1.0

Joker 1.0, is an midlet allows you to read jokes and pass your time with fun, when you are on the move with your cellphone. It randomly generates jokes. Joker, must be compatible with most of the nokia, sony, siemen phones. MIdlet version 1.0 .

[download: to be released | size: 3.49kb]



:: How to create animations in Macromedia Dreamweaver

This simple tutorial helps you to learn creating animation in Macromedia Dreamweaver using layers. Actually it was created by me for one of my friend, hope it will be useful to others too.

[read tutorial | dowload tutorial]


please do send me your comments or suggestions or bugs to me at i5bala@yahoo.com.

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