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Hello, welcome to my Christian Music website. Sorry that I haven't done any changes here for so long, I may close the site soon as I haven't done anything to it since 11th Oct 2002.

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If you're wondering about the icons, they're pretty obvious really. A link to a sample from the album is represented by: Whilst means a link to the lyrics for that album. In a couple of cases the sample I have isn't from an album that I've reviewed, in these cases I have put the icon on the left by the band's name.

Oh, if you're wondering who I am, then I'm Ali, not that that helps you much, oh well. I'm 23 (at the time of writing this, which is October 2002). I come from the UK, I live in Leicester and go to Church in the Community Leicester (CCL). To find out more about me you could go to my Blog.

Clearly there is one major problem with the idea of this site, which is that musical tastes are rather subjective. In fact, I myself now disagree with some of my old reviews, I've stopped liking certain CDs as much, or like other ones more. However, this page will at least give you an idea of what is on a CD and perhaps let you know whether you might like it or not. If anyone wants to write some reviews of their own, either for these CDs or any other CDs then please email them to Feel free to email me just to say hi.

I have tried to include at least one soundbite (yum) for each group to give you an idea of what they sound like. To hear a sound just click the appropriate link. I have just added a section for compilation albums, it's small now, but I have many, so it should grow. I'm not putting samples in for them since they obviously contain many different artists, so a sample won't really tell you what the CD is like.

I apologise for the fact that my language skills are not particularly good so I run out of ways in which to describe the bands, please don't hold this against them. The eloquence of the reviewer doesn't really have anything to do with the skills of the band.

As well as the more well known bands I have featured some little known bands that I think are really good. Recently my musical tastes appear to have been changing slightly and although I still like Delirious, the bands I most like listening to now are the less well recognised ones, "Mukala", "The W's" and "The Insyderz". They all have refreshing styles and really lively songs.

In case you can't be bothered to read all of the reviews here is a little table which contains the ratings I gave each of the CD's I have rated. Click on the links to go to more details on the group, a soundbite and a review of the album.

Compilation Albums

Album Rating
I could sing of Your love for ever 2
Live '97
Live '98
Open the eyes of my heart

Artist Album Rating
All Star United
All Star United *****
Jim Bailey
Children of the cross ****
Big Tent Revival
Amplifier ***
Caedmon's Call
40 acres ****
Caedmon's Call
Caedmon's Call ****
Caedmon's Call
In The Company Of Angels ****
Caedmon's Call
Long Line Of Leavers *****
Dave Cook
Rocky Kids *
DC Talk
Nu Thang *
DC Talk
Free at Last **
DC Talk
Jesus Freak ****
DC Talk
Supernatural ***
Cutting Edge 1&2 ****
Cutting Edge 3&4 ****
Live & In the can ***
King Of Fools ****
Sense of Adventure **
Don't Walk Blind **
Bottle Rocket ****
Live ****
United Live - King of Majesty *****
Doug Horley
We Want to See Jesus Lifted High ****
Doug Horley
King of Heaven ***
Tim Hughes & Martyn Layzell
Reward ***
The Insyderz
Paradise ****
The Insyderz
Skalluluia *****
Jars of clay
Much Afraid ****
Tim Hughes & Martyn Layzell
Reward ***
Mancy A'lan Kane
Paper Moon *
Fiction *****
New Direction
New Direction **
None reviewed
glad you made it **
Heavenbound ***
Alan Price
Kid Source -
Raspberry Jam
Oceanic ****
Matt Redman
Intimacy ****
Satellite Soul
Great Big Universe ****
Seven Day Jesus
Seven Day Jesus ****
Sonicflood *****
Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor '94 ****
Split Level
Glo.bal ***
Falling Down ****
Taize Chants
Jesus Remember me *
Overflow ***
Doing the Stuff - Live from London *****
Vineyard Kids
Great Big God *****
The W's
Fourth From the Last ****
World Wide Message Tribe
We Don't get what we deserve *
World Wide Message Tribe
Heatseeker **
Open ****
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