Religious Poems by Jayne

Should I die on the other side?
Denying that He carried me
thru the tide?
Softly placing my feet
on the rock.
A pedestal that gently
He lifts me upon.
My ankle bones
at best are weak!
Oh that I had His brassen feet.
Solidly leading me safely home.
Not straying, heart no more
to roam.  Praying for strength
not mine own.  Though unworthy
He might loan.  I want to
flourish in His love, filling the
vessel given from above.
Rendered useful, and humble,
and true.
Living a life, loaned of his breath,
That I may rest peaceful,
even in death.


   Give Him the Key

  Give Him the key to that
  room in your heart,
  The secret room that is
  dusty and dark.
  You won't expect He'll
  want to come in, with
  gloomy passage and
  stairway dim.  He'll throw
  open the windows and let
  in the light, revealing
  cobwebs and all the unright.
  You'll stand at the doorway,
  ashamed, yet relieved;
  that finally to Him, you've
  relinquished the key.
  You're troubles and worries,
  He'll sort and sift.
  Then you'll know peace, and
  your spirit will lift.


Looking On

Standing at the edge
I look on.
Will finally I be at peace
one day? In His family?
In His home? But No!
The garment's unsewn!
Unraveling, the seams
exposed! The edges
frayed! I forsee pieces
falling, scattered dust.
I must gather the linen!
Or purchase brand new!
What He's given me to
work with, I've let mildew
and mold!  It can't but a
hairpin hold!
I back from the edge in
fear and haste.  I see
thru His eyes, my life
lived in careless waste.
No pretty garments to
adorn the soul.  Only
threads sewn in haste
full of holes.  This
vision I've seen, I dare
not ignore, lest I be left
unplaced on His eternal shore.

Gathered Together

What do you hope to find here?
Why did you come?
Do you need forgiveness
from something you've done?
Did you come to maybe
joy express, for all the ways
your life has been blessed?
Did you come His name to
praise, for giving you His
spirit and fruitful days?
Did you come here with
sorrow of heart? Do you
need comfort and hope for
tomorrow?  What is it that
you've come to see? Is it
the faith of others, or the
harmony?  Did you come to
soul-search, while standing
in His light?  Do you need rest
and escape from the night?
Did you come to bow your head
and hear -the Masters voice
sweet to your ear?
He's waiting and ready, His
children to meet, as they
gather together at His mercy seat.


Spill Me

Spill me that I may feel
your strong gentle arms
gathering me again.
Spill me that I may never
feel too sure of myself or prideful.
Spill me that I may remain ever
cautious of where I place my feet.
Spill me that my stain will
leave memories of the color of our love.