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This is me with Peter Wingfield, the actor who played Methos, the 5,000 year old Immortal in Highlander, The Series. The picture was taken at ACCESS, the first con I went to, in August of 1998. We've both changed a little since then.

Here are some pages for the actors I am into:

Peter Wingfield:

| For Pete's Sake| Peter's Characters|


Valentine Pelka:

| Be My Valentine| Valentine's Characters|


Adrien Brody:

|All About AB |Adrien's Characters|


Sean Bean:

|Look Sharpe |


Johnny Depp:


Fiennes and Firth Brothers:

(in age order, not in order of my favorites)

Colin Firth:


Ralph Fiennes:

|Fiennes Fellows |


Jonathan Firth:



Joseph Fiennes:

|Fiennes Fellows|

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