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It seems like everytime that I watch the news I hear of a child being killed by another child. It is so sad to think of a life lost by one so young. I can see the faces of the grieving familys, knowing they will never see their precious child again. Friends and Familys changed forever. Their world ends with the life of their child.

Our children are learning violence at such a young age. And it is happening more and more everyday. I think that we have numbed ourselves. We turn the channel on the tv so we do not have to hear it. Or we just shake our heads and just say "thats to bad." Are we accepting this kind of violence from children? Have we hardened ourselves that much?

No child should have to worry if today is the day that they are hurt/killed in school, or on the street. Let them be young. Have fun. Let them know that they will be safe wherever they may go.

This website is for our children. Whenever you see the banner look to the heavens and pray to God to keep our children safe. To stop the violence. And to stop the hate. And to stop the killing. I know that God answer prayers. And I know that he listens when we talk to him (pray) And I believe that he will answer this prayer. We just have to have faith.

. . when you see this banner pray for our children

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