About Me!!!
Movie: Lion King!!!
Book: Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce
Animal: Horse
Pass Time: Daydreaming, writting
Food: frech fries
Drink: Orange Juice(good stuff right there)
Actor: John Wayne(big western fan)
Actress: Julia Roberts and Whoopi Goldberg
Song of all time: Amazing Grace
2nd Fav song: don't know what it's called but it's #14 on my Good Charlette CD.
Show: hum....I know it's pretty cliche', but probably Friends
Comic Book seris: Birds of Prey

What I do in my spare time......
(what spare time?!)
read, write, draw, eat, ride my scooter(I think best when i ride it, yeah, i know it's weird) watch tv, eat, surf the net while eating, tell myself to have my quite time, realize my Bible's upstairs, don't have my quite time...eat....that's about it...sheesh, i need a life...HANG ON!  I swim year round and ride horses too!!!!!!!!
Hello, my name is Libby Wyman, and I have been I live in the good ol' sunshine state, Florida.  Which they really should've called it the humidity state.  But I love living here.  It's great.  I have alot of friend's and each one is special to me in their own way.  There's Meghann, Angie, Samantha, Emmie, Leah, Erin, Charles, James, Joseph, Nichole, Rebecca, Candace, and a bunch of others. I love all you guys, you rock!  I've been a Christain since I was seven, and love God with all my heart.  I've never had a boyfriend or anythng, but I really don't want one to tell you the truth.  I love animals, their totally cooler then people.  Humans can be jerks and butt heads, but if you're nice to your pet then it'll love you forever.  I'm a vegitarian, and am a against the slaughterhouse because it unjustly kills innocent animals.  I'm also against abortion because it's murder.  And many people think that Christain hate homosexuality, it's not true.  Because although I don't support it, I'm not against it or anything.  Just to make that clear.