Hi, my name is Libby though if you're one of the people that read my fanfiction you know me as CC Grayson.  Yeah, so...I love to write, and make up stupid senseless jokes.  I also think I just spelt senseless wrong, but that's okay(I'm a bad speller, butt off).
So...about me.......I like Batman, and got into it in 2001 when I saw an episode of Batman Beyond, and now I'm hooked.  I don't read the Batman comics though, but I read Batgirl, Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Robin, and whatever else.  But at 15 bucks every other week, I can't be too demanding.  I'm madly in love with Orlando Bloom.  He's SO HOT!  And I'm also madly in love with Dick Grayson aka Nightwing.  He rocks!
More then both of those though, I'm madly in love with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior! =)=)=)=)=)******
Yeah, so, that's about all.  Bye!
The Mind of Me(sorta)
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Hey dudes this is the suit CC Grayson, wears when she's Batgirl in my fanfiction. 
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You know me by the outside
the smiles and the songs
you think you know me by the laughter
well I think you're wrong
my mind is not a simple place
i hide it behind a smiling face
if you could get into this crazy head of mine
you'd be lost so fast, no turning back
you might think that i'm bad or wrong
the things i've done, no one knows of
the things i'll take to my grave
if you knew about them
those things inside
would you think of me the same
you'd question my christianity
my religin and my faith
you might even go as far
as questioning God's grace
you would never see the outside me
just those unpure things inside
written on my forehead
like a black hole in the sky
don't know why i wrote this poem
i guess that i'm just bored
but before you think you know me
step into my world
-Libby Wyman
HEY!  Here's me when i was little!  eating......like always!  Well, i thought it was pretty cute, so...whatever. Click to go to more pictures!!!
Birds of Prey #8
after $50 and weeks of waiting, I finally own it. *Sigh*it's the best.
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