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"our lives teach us who we are"
(Salman Rushdie)
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Last updated: Saturday, 10 January, 2004
Why don't you get in touch and involve me in your otherwise quite pleasant life?

Either by post:
6 Cefn Betingau Farm,
Rhydypandy Road,

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(+44)(0)7816 014010

You see, it couldn't really be any easier (or more desperate on my behalf)
inside Ian's Website you will find...
life is a real-time autobiography that grows as the years go by me is a name i call myself travel is from the outback to the arctic circle
journalist is what i try to do but i can't hack it music is the food of love but you probably think i'm on a pretty poor diet
books is what you should be reading and main index is where everything begins a bit like genesis
Hello there. I'm Ian and this is my website.
This is self-indulgent, self-obsessed, self-loving nonsense and it serves no purpose. It's ironic, post-modern art with more than half a glance to the modes of yesteryear. It's all about me, and I'm Ian. I'm a beautiful person. Come explore.

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