Part Two - Putting The Notion Of Unity Into Practice


Eliminating Warfare









A New Level Of Dignity And Abundance









A More Peaceful And Sustainable World


·        And, as more and more people come to a place of love and concern for all humankind and a level playing field is being created for each person and each nation, we could:


·        arrange for all previous divisions between individuals, groups of people and countries to become reconciled via initiatives and projects involving restoration, reparation, reinvention and reunification;


·        encourage all religions to examine their holy scriptures, retain that which is in keeping with these new scientific/spiritual understandings and, therefore, become more complete and at one with the each other;


·        allocate to each nation an equal proportionate share of the worlds resources, instead of allowing the most powerful and/or geographically fortunate to keep it for themselves;


·        replace private property, a mental construct that never brought any body long term security and happiness, with the concept of stewardship;


·        and, thus, create here on Earth - via the implementation of these initial ideas of change - a more peaceful and sustainable world.


Part Three – And, Then, Self-Government